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30-minute group fitness classes that are designed to maximize fat loss while adding lean muscle via circuit training.  Currently only available at the Homestead Facility. 

Free to members. Fit-Roast-Only memberships available.

Let's face it, sometimes it is just better to put in work with others.  Fit-Roast is the only group-fitness class offered at Steelhouse Fitness. The 30-minute sessions are free to all members.  We also offer a discounted membership for those who just want to attend the fit-Roast classes.


Oh yeah, Free Starbucks coffee for participants! 


 Lets do this! 

Call or Text


MONDAY: 6:30am & 3:30pm


 THURSDAY: 6:30am & 3:30pm


Homestead Only


Burn More Together.



Drop In - $10/class

2x/Week Membership - $40/month


Homestead Only


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