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Jackie F. 

Trying out Steelhouse was the best decision I made! The owner and his staff are very welcoming and have always pushed me. The workouts are no joke and they have different workouts depending on what you want to improve about your body. I've been very happy and I recommend anyone to try Steelhouse. You will not be disappointed!

Steve H.

I was morbidly obese when I started the fitness program, 290 lbs. 11 months later I was down to 200 lbs...Whatever your fitness goals are, this program works!... My experience at Steelhouse has been a life-altering experience for me. I am in better shape at 37 years old than I was at 17 years old.

Francesca J.

After doing crossfit for a year and a half,  my box closed down and I had to start searching for a new place to workout.  I stumbled upon Steelhouse and felt like it almost sounded too good to be true but figured i'd give it a try.  Upon my first meeting with Lucas the owner, I knew I had found my new gym!...Hands down, this is the best gym in Miami!!!!

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