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Personalized Fitness Programs

Your goals. Your level. Your schedule. 

F1- Beginner Fitness

A great place for anyone to start.  F1 is part of our F-Series and is designed for those who are either new to training all-together or have simply been out of it for quite a while and really want to ease back in.  In F1, we really take the time to (re)teach the fundamental movements and start to build a general base of mobility, stability and cardiovascular endurance.    

F2- Intermediate Fitness

A moderately challenging program that incorporates the major barbell compound movements of squat, bench press and deadlift.  This program utilizes a great deal of full-body supersetting and circuit training to maintain a continuous intensity throughout the training. 

F3- Advanced Fitness

Let's be honest, this program is incredibly challenging.  It is a non-stop combination of challenging movements that will truly test your physical and mental capacity.  Only a small portion of members will ever take on this challenge; but for those who need the max... here it is! 


Love strong, powerful, athletic legs, but don't want the bulky shoulders and traps to match? This is your program!  Designed to fit the specific desires of our female members.


A powerful combination of strength and hypertrophy for men and women. Xanthus utilizes the big powerlifting movements and programming with traditional bodybuilding exercises for amazing results.


25-minute, high-intensity, full-body workouts for those who want to get in and out or anyone who just loves the challenge of high-intensity training.  

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