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Love strong, powerful, athletic legs, but don't want the bulky shoulders and traps to match? This is your program!  Designed to fit the specific desires of our female members.

Centaura was designed to fit the very specific demands and goals of many of our female members.  This hybrid program treats your upper body and lower body very differently.  Centaura will train your legs to build powerful, aesthetic, lean muscle mass; for the hamstrings, quads and glutes that many women desire.  However, the upper body training consists of a much lighter, higher repetition, faster pace training principals, to help avoid the same size development that will be achieved in the lower body.  


In short, many of the women we work with want more muscular legs, but they dont want the shoulders and traps to match.  Centaura is your answer. 

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Built by women, for women.
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