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Group Fitness Classes

We are excited to announce that starting November 7th, Wednesday's at Steelhouse Kendall will be 100% dedicated to group circuit training.  Regardless of which program you regularly follow, you will now attend one of the scheduled Summit Session throughout the day.  There will be no regular training during regular or off-hours.  


Why the change?


There are a number of reasons we are making this change and we believe they are all positive and for the benefit of every member.  


1- We believe (and have had a lot of members express) that the programming would benefit from having occasional group training sessions.  They are motivating and really help give everyone that extra push.


2-We believe that all member, regardless of program, will drastically benefit from this slight change.  We know it can be hard to really give yourself that cardiovascular push sometimes... this will not only help be sure that it happens every week, but it is simply much better when done with others.


3- We will incorporate stretching and mobility at the end of each session to be sure you are getting in that extra stretch work that may be missing during the rest of the week. 


4-It's fun and you will feel great after.  Really.  


The workout will change every week to add another layer of variety to your training and it will have variations to accommodate different levels of fitness. Don't worry, the Summit Sessions will be designed to give you a healthy push... not to put you in an unsafe or risky scenario.


We will also be offering the class on Saturday morning. 


The classes will be at the following times.  You must be on time in order to participate.  Each class will include a warm-up, about 35-min workout and a stretching period.  


Non-Member Pricing:

Drop in: $15

1x per week/4 weeks: $30
















Saturday Morning


(open gym will now be 10-12)










Summit Pricing/Schedule
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