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You will have a printed checklist to keep track of the workouts, nutrition goals and meditation goals over the 25 days.  This can be picked up at the gym and will be turned in at the end of 25 days.  


WORKOUTS (completed workouts worth 1 point)


There are 5 Gym Workouts (Oceans)








There are 3 Bodyweight Workouts (Colors)






-You will choose one workout every single day for 25 straight days.

-The Gym workouts are your priority and are the only workouts that you can earn points.  

-Use the bodyweight workouts on the days that you cannot make it to the gym.

-The gym workouts all start with 2 light sets.  This is your warm up and it is part of the 25 minutes.

-There will be 4 new workouts for days 22-25.  

-Your effort and intensity are what matters most.  Get the most out of YOUR body during every workout.  

-Use the heaviest weights your body can handle with proper technique and lower them as necessary. 


NUTRITION (completed nutrition goals worth 2 points each)


The concept and math are straightforward.


Total carbohydrates:  Your bodyweight X .25 = _______

Total sugar per day:  Your total carbs X .25 =________


-If needed, use an app like MyfitnessPal to calculate the carbs and sugar you are eating.  During this challenge, you will be learning a lot about carbohydrate and sugar content.  This is something that will benefit you for your entire life... please take it seriously, it is worth the initial effort over the next few weeks. 


Fasting (optional)


If you choose to do the fasting aspect, you will consume all of your calories during a 6-hour window every day.  During the other 18 hours, you may have water, black coffee or tea only.  Of course, you can opt to do this with a shorter fast if you like... maybe start with an 8-hour eating window and 16-hour fast.


MEDITATION (completed meditations worth 2 & 1 Points)


You have 3 recordings on your app under the guided meditations "workout."  You will find an Intro, a 5 min guided and a 5-min guided with less guidance.   Listen to the intro first.  On your first meditation, listen to the standard 5-min meditation.  If you would like, you can keep using this one.  If you would like a little less instruction, please feel free to use the other meditation or use no recording at all.  


-Do two 5-min meditations per day. 





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